Friday, February 05, 2010


Well, I’m behind on the watching of my sweet show. But here we are!

Random thoughts….

* Oh, Dean. I had such higher hopes for your dreams. Don’t know what I expected to be going around in that noggin of yours though: plans for world peace? The formula for conquering cancer? Actually, I truly was expecting perhaps a few modestly brilliant, barely formed schemes for fighting the apocalypse. With a dab of roadhouse tomcatting mixed in, I suppose.

* Castiel! It’s been forever.

* Gosh, Nick didn’t stay on the show long. I guess the actor was on the call sheet for Lost and he had to go.

* Fun premise—Anna is the Terminator (She can even do fake voices.) and Sam is John Connor.

* The Prairie Court Hotel—aw, the name makes me totally want to stay there. It’s bound to have towels that are kind of stiff from the kind of cheap detergent they use as well as an old bed that goes “eeeee” when you lay down on it. It would be totally quaint though, with quail wallpaper and a fun little saloon bar in the lobby.

* How many years bad luck do you get for sticking a tire iron through an angel’s heart?

* LOL for “Not another word or I will turn this car around!”

* Interesting to see John Winchester, the I-can-do-anything manly man we’re used to, floundering here, feeling useless amid the other hunters.

* I can’t wait to find out what heaven’s agenda is in all this, because right now, it’s hard to root for the angels, the “good side.” I despise Anna, but in a way that means she became a strong villain.

* Michael? In John? Hmm. And he touched Mary. She’s preggers with Dean, right? I wonder if Michael marked fetus Dean with that touch.

* Neat conversation between the “good sons,” Michael and Dean.

* Did anyone expect Castile to give a shout-out to The Empire Strikes Back by saying “I feel terrible” when he stumbled into the hotel room? Just me?

* The crib of future doom!

That was a touching eppie. : )

My DVR cut off before previews for next week, but I think we’ll be seeing a cupid eppie, right?


Lisa Mason said...

Yes, I enjoyed that eppie,too. I loved when Castiel told Dean he "didn't understand that reference" ( to Back to The Future) it's that little bit of naivete' that makes him so endearing to me! And you are correct! We will be having a "rogue Cupid" eppie next week.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Hey, Lisa! Great to see you here. LOL for Castiel--you're right about that naivete. With the Glen Close comment, too!

Tawania said...

Ok.. Micheal told Dean that he was his true vessel, but he can take over anyone in their blood line because they were descended from Cain and Abel.. That was a shock but makes since kind of. Oh, and Michael told Dean that John said "yes" because he wanted to save their mom, and he asked Dean "What would you do to save the person you loved?" I thought that hinted that Dean would say yes to Michael when the time comes so that he can save Sam.. That's what I got out of it anyway. :)

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Awesome, Tawania! I *love* the Cain and Abel angle. And I think you're spot on with everything you said. We're in for a Sam versus Dean vessel showdown!

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Blogger isn't being nice to Selena, so I'm posting this for her:

Yup, Cupid eppy.

Was it just me or did Anna's Sorries grate on your nerves too. I didn't like her after she asked Cas to stop Dean from torturing rather than go in there herself and try and stop him.

Loved this eppy. What did you think about Michael?"

Oh, Anna was way on my nerves. As for Michael... Very kind and enigmatic. Even made me think that he was God in disguise, LOL.

Tawania said...

I thought Michael was endearing.. When he told dean that he loved his brother(Lucifer) and he raised him in a way no one could understand, but he is going to kill him, because that's what he has to do. I thought that was real. He didn't come off like the other Angels.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

You're right, Tawania. The actor playing John/Michael did a really good job with that. I'm sure every time Dean hears about how it's necessary to kill evil, even if it's in a brother, he wants to throw up...