Saturday, March 27, 2010

Signing Today with Amber Benson!

Today at 2pm, I have a signing at the Las Vegas Blvd. Borders with Amber Benson. Her most recent book is CAT'S CLAW, and you probably know that mine is DEEP IN THE WOODS. Both titles sound kind of creepy, huh? Good creepy.

Here's the link:


Celise said...

We have yet to watch our recorded shows of Supernatural, so I'm totally ruining it for myself by reading your water coolers. I like that it doesn't make sense to me. LOL. So, how was your signing with Amber? Was she as cool as she appeared to be in the show? I haven't seen her do much else.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Celise!
I know you're totally busy, but thank you for still reading! : )

Amber is extremely cool--very down to earth, smart as all get out, and very funny. She's also incredibly talented and works her butt off; she's also doing promo for DRONES, a movie she created with her man, Adam Busch (Warren on BUFFY). I'll be posting the trailer on Saturday!

Hope you're doing great. ; )

Celise said...

Warren!! OMG, Warren! I remember him! They're a couple? Too funny.