Thursday, March 25, 2010


It feels like eons since I posted my last water cooler! Wow. In that time, one of my wonderful critique partners, Judy Duarte, finaled in the RITA contest in the Inspirational category for ENTERTAINING ANGELS! It’s a superb book, and I’m incredibly happy that she’s been recognized for her work the second year in a row!

(applause time for Judy)

More applause that SUPERNATURAL is back, please.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty.

I’ve missed those faces. Those shoulders. Those boys.

* Um, that dude on the recliner totally has a hole in his jeans crotch. Sorry, but I noticed.

* Question of the night: If a dead loved one showed up in your living room, would your soft heart melt or would you blow him/her away? You have two seconds to decide!

* Awesome that the cop recognizes Bobby. Smart chick. Also, I never knew Bobby’s last name was “Singer.” I thought it’d be something way more Dickensian like “Demonplugger” or “Crankykickassguy.”

* I just want to know when Bobby’s wife is going to show.

* “You’re a zombie.” “I’m a taxpayer.”
Yup, man, I feel the same way some days.

* And there she is, right on schedule.

* Odd that the milky drool grossed me out more than the brains on the ceiling after Sam dispatched Mrs. Jones. Help.

* I love the Apolo Ohno DayQuil commercial.

* It’s especially sad to watch this because Jim Beaver lost his wife in real life. He wrote a book about it—it’s available from my publisher, Penguin, but I can’t remember what it’s called. Has anyone read it?

* Camera lens blood! Hardcore.

* I hope Bobby hasn’t totally given up on the Winchesters. (My TV feed kept blipping out during this last scene so I hope I didn’t miss anything….)

Next week (Oh, how I love that there’s a next week and we don’t have to wait two more months.): Zach is back.


Mardel said...

Was this a new episode? because everytime I want to watch Supernatural it seems to be the same three episodes airing. Then the one night that I FORGET to watch (babysitting a grandson) it was probably a new episode, right?

Next week is new? I should set a reminder on the cable box thingy.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Mardel--yup, new episode. The scheduling has been so weird that the show is hard to keep track of! And next week is new, too. I'm not positive, but we might even be getting new episodes until the season ends in least I hope. :)

Mardel said...

Well, at least maybe I can catch some new episodes then. Wednesday is easy for me, because I wait all week long to watch Modern Family ( I LOVE that shoe), but the rest of the week I'm asking people in my family, wasn't there supposed to something good on tonight, then I end up reading or cruising the internet (uhg, that sounded creepy!).

Crystal Green's Blog said...

LOL--well, Mardel, if you're cruising AMERICAN GRAFFITI style, it's cool.