Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New contest--free books!

Congratulations to the latest contest winner, Jung Ja Ahn! She won the Neko print of Red Riding Hood, plus a bundle of signed Vampire Babylon books.

DEEP IN THE WOODS, Vampire Babylon, Book Six, is still on shelves, and the mass market reissue of A DROP OF RED, Book Four, is coming your way in July. That should leave you lots of time for reading, so allow me to help you out with a book packet that includes:

• Books by me: BREAK OF DAWN, Vampire Babylon, Book Three, mass market under the name Chris Marie Green; THE TEXAS BILLIONAIRE’S BRIDE, a Special Edition written as Crystal Green; GOOD TO THE LAST BITE, a Blaze written as Crystal Green, ONE FOR THE ROAD, a Blaze written as Crystal Green that includes another book, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS by Kimberly Raye
• NIGHT FIRE by Vonna Harper
• THE COWBOY by Vonna Harper, PJ Mellor, Nelissa Donovan, and Nikki Alton
• BODY MOVES by Jodi Lynn Copeland
• ONLY WITH A COWBOY by PJ Mellor, Vonna Harper, and Melissa MacNeal

That should keep you busy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Like a Prayer"--GLEE

Just because Fox screwed up the running time of AMERICAN IDOL and that show ran over, forcing most DVRs to drop the end of GLEE.

Just because the GLEE kids make me happy.

Just because "Like a Prayer" is awesome anyway.

If you missed the end of GLEE Wednesday night, I'm linking to it. Sounds like a lot of people didn't even realize that the last episode ended with this bang:


Friday, April 23, 2010


You've probably noticed that there's no SUPERNATURAL water cooler. That's because I wasn't able to watch it yet. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to accomplish a timely viewing next week, either.

I realized something though. It seems that SPN hasn't been as...enthralling as it used to be. Would you guys say the same? I think it's because we used to have heroes who drove the storylines--they pursued things, charged headfirst into adventures. Now, things happen *to* them and it feels like the episodes are mostly about reaction instead of action.

Or is it just me?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Crit Partner's Book on TV!

This is so cool--my critique partner, Judy Duarte, had her latest book featured on local San Diego TV news. The segment was about beach and nightstand reads, and hers is the last book to be discussed. The guest calls THE HOUSE ON SUGAR PLUM LANE a "comfortable read," like a Ya-Ya Sisterhood type of book. I want to clarify that this fantastic story doesn't take place in the south though--it does have the same community "feel."

Judy has also written MULBERRY PARK and ENTERTAINING ANGELS, both of which have finaled for RITAs! (ANGELS is a contender this year, so huge congrats to Judy!)

Here's the link:

Also, big congrats to the winners of my Bitten By Books event! Renny T and Lisa K should expect their prizes soon....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's Doin'

It's been a rush during the last few weeks while I've gotten together some proposals for future books. I've done:
* a three chapter/synopsis proposal for two Special Editions
* a small revision for my second BLOODLANDS book (due out in 2011)
* a nineteen page outline for that "paranormal epic fantasy romance" I keep talking about

and I'm starting to polish a Blaze proposal this week, along with revising a Special Edition that'll probably come out in early 2011.

You're probably sensing that 2011 is going to be a big year for my releases. It looks like this so far:

March - Vampire Babylon short story, "Soul Stains," in THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS horror anthology

"early 2011" - all three books in the Cowboy Billionaire, Inc. miniseries for Special Edition?

July - mass market rerelease of DEEP IN THE WOODS, Vampire Babylon, Book Six

August, September, October - BLOODLANDS trilogy (post-apocalyptic urban fantasy western) from Ace

So far, that's eight releases. Gah! Comparatively, I have only five releases this year: two originals, three reissues. I had only two originals this year because my other original releases were pushed to 2011 so we could have "bam-bam-bam" consecutive books on the shelves for the two series. Crazy, huh?

So there it is. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Episode #100! I can’t believe it. I’m trying to think of my favorite installments in this series, and I’d have to say I loved “Mystery Spot,” and then two ending eppies of season 2, when Sam died and Dean sold his soul for him. Those were the most.

What about anyone else? Favorites?

Now, stand with me at the virtual water cooler and let’s gab….

* LOL for the bar scene with Zach talking on one level while the other fired guy is talking on another. Also, why was I getting the vibe that Zach and Stuart could be the Thelma and Louise of the apocalypse, had both of them survived this scene?

* Man, I so wish I could do Cass’s finger trick. I would rule the world!

* Bobby anger is scary anger.

* Okay—I have to say that I was ramped for the “old friend who’d be returning for tonight’s episode” teaser. I’m not that stoked that it’s the lost Winchester bro.

* During the commercial break, I started wondering… What if there was a SUPERNATURAL/BUFFY crossover and the Gentlemen from “Hush” were actually God’s closest angels? Or something. That’s why no one is talking about where He is—because they can’t!

* Straw poll: Will you be seeing the new NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET? I vote meh, except for Jackie Earl Haley. (Does anyone remember him from THE BAD NEWS BEARS, when he played “the hot guy with the motorcycle who’s awesome at baseball”? What?)

* “Blow me, Cass.” The gauntlet—it has been tossed.

* “Lucifer’s gonna wear you to the prom.” Another gauntlet from Dean…and this one lies at Sam’s feet.

* Honestly, Adam is a bit of a vacuum, sucking all the interest out of me. Back to my boys, please.

* All right—the blood barf made Adam more interesting. For a second.

* Oh, oh, the Dean wink. Game not over.

* “Before Michael gets one piece of this sweet ass, he turns you into charcoal.” The final gauntlet right at Zach…plus a knife. Drill, Dean, drill!

* Adam’s not dead? Gah.

So three episodes left? Or is it four? No matter the number, it’s the end of days.

Or is it?

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Got caught up on the programs yesterday, and WHOO-HEE! Are things flying, or what?


First, on SUPERNATURAL, loved the twist with the prophet. And my guess is that we'll be saying "Oh, Dean" a whole lot from this point on. Is Castiel going to step in next week or will the seemingly inevitable Lucifer/Sam vs. Michael/Dean showdown really happen?

As for CHUCK--whoa. And yay! But does anyone really think Shaw is dead? Sure, he got shot. Yeah, he fell into the Seine. Yet we didn't see him on a morgue slab....

Now I'm wondering where Chuck and Sara are going to go from here. But if CHUCK doesn't get renewed for next season, we might not find out anyway. : (

Meanwhile, I'm totally into SURVIVOR this year. I'd fallen away from it until last season, and this time out, the seasoned players are showing us how the game is played. No shortage of bold moves from these guys!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tonight's SUPERNATURAL....

Sorry, but I can't do a water cooler for SUPERNATURAL this week. I've got guests in town and we're having too much fun eating, bowling, and drinking in ice bars!

Be back with a water cooler next week. : )

Saturday, April 03, 2010

DRONES trailer

I mentioned that, last week, I signed at Borders with the wonderful Amber Benson. In addition to her latest book, CAT'S CLAW, she's also promoting a movie, DRONES. She's one of the creative forces behind it.

Check it out!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Okay, as if my day hasn’t been sucky enough, they voted my favorite person off of SURVIVOR. I did not need that on top of everything else, island people.

But I did spend much of the night also watching BREAKING BAD, my new obsession, and I have never seen a program that offered so much profound depression and laugh-my-butt-off hilarity in the same hour. Genius show.

On to another program that knows how to do it right!

* I have to say that as much as I hate getting up in the morning, it must be a bummer to awaken with rifles in your face instead.

* “When I come back, I’m gonna be pissed.” And you’d better believe that these boys can come back, Novice Hunter Guy.

* Very, very trippy eppie tonight. It’s actually got some art-house horror vibe to it.

* “It wasn’t perfect ‘til after she died.” Ooooo. Gut-punch line from Dean about Ma and Pa Winchesters’ marriage.

* Lest we forget, the point that Sam is the sweetie and Dean is the one with all the responsibility is emphasized again with Sam’s memory of running away. To him, it was loads of fun. To Dean, it was terrible because it was on his watch. Where do you think this episode is leading?

* Zachariah’s snark is most welcome.

* I wouldn’t normally follow a guy in a creepy wrestling mask, but since it’s Ash, it’ll be all right. Vive le continuity!

* So if everyone has their own heavens, can we indeed have a part in our own “land” where we get to find out the answers to all the questions we’ve been wondering about? (Who was really Jack the Ripper? How did the world really start? Scarlett Johansson—boob job or no?)

* Pamela! Is there any way to resurrect her on Earth?

* Hey, Zach—FAIL!

Dang—I missed the last shot. I know it was someone who was breathing heavily though.

Fun eppie—I liked that we got a peek inside of heaven. And that there’s a way to find out what God is up to. Next week: hardcore coven of hunters?