Thursday, April 15, 2010


Episode #100! I can’t believe it. I’m trying to think of my favorite installments in this series, and I’d have to say I loved “Mystery Spot,” and then two ending eppies of season 2, when Sam died and Dean sold his soul for him. Those were the most.

What about anyone else? Favorites?

Now, stand with me at the virtual water cooler and let’s gab….

* LOL for the bar scene with Zach talking on one level while the other fired guy is talking on another. Also, why was I getting the vibe that Zach and Stuart could be the Thelma and Louise of the apocalypse, had both of them survived this scene?

* Man, I so wish I could do Cass’s finger trick. I would rule the world!

* Bobby anger is scary anger.

* Okay—I have to say that I was ramped for the “old friend who’d be returning for tonight’s episode” teaser. I’m not that stoked that it’s the lost Winchester bro.

* During the commercial break, I started wondering… What if there was a SUPERNATURAL/BUFFY crossover and the Gentlemen from “Hush” were actually God’s closest angels? Or something. That’s why no one is talking about where He is—because they can’t!

* Straw poll: Will you be seeing the new NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET? I vote meh, except for Jackie Earl Haley. (Does anyone remember him from THE BAD NEWS BEARS, when he played “the hot guy with the motorcycle who’s awesome at baseball”? What?)

* “Blow me, Cass.” The gauntlet—it has been tossed.

* “Lucifer’s gonna wear you to the prom.” Another gauntlet from Dean…and this one lies at Sam’s feet.

* Honestly, Adam is a bit of a vacuum, sucking all the interest out of me. Back to my boys, please.

* All right—the blood barf made Adam more interesting. For a second.

* Oh, oh, the Dean wink. Game not over.

* “Before Michael gets one piece of this sweet ass, he turns you into charcoal.” The final gauntlet right at Zach…plus a knife. Drill, Dean, drill!

* Adam’s not dead? Gah.

So three episodes left? Or is it four? No matter the number, it’s the end of days.

Or is it?

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