Saturday, April 10, 2010


Got caught up on the programs yesterday, and WHOO-HEE! Are things flying, or what?


First, on SUPERNATURAL, loved the twist with the prophet. And my guess is that we'll be saying "Oh, Dean" a whole lot from this point on. Is Castiel going to step in next week or will the seemingly inevitable Lucifer/Sam vs. Michael/Dean showdown really happen?

As for CHUCK--whoa. And yay! But does anyone really think Shaw is dead? Sure, he got shot. Yeah, he fell into the Seine. Yet we didn't see him on a morgue slab....

Now I'm wondering where Chuck and Sara are going to go from here. But if CHUCK doesn't get renewed for next season, we might not find out anyway. : (

Meanwhile, I'm totally into SURVIVOR this year. I'd fallen away from it until last season, and this time out, the seasoned players are showing us how the game is played. No shortage of bold moves from these guys!


Selena Illyria said...

Supernatural: I think so too. Poor Dean, he's snapped and I don't blame him.

Chuck: I had a sinking feeling about that.*sniffles*

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Sinking feeling. Selena, good pun!