Saturday, May 15, 2010

End of First-Run Days...SUPERNATURAL, etc.

So I finally got to watch SUPERNATURAL. Pretty good, but the ending with Sam standing outside Dean's window freaked me out. What is Sam now? I hope this bodes interesting things for next season. I even wonder if Kripke and company even meant to go there with Sam since SPN was designed to last only five seasons, not six....

What I did like about the eppie:
* intensity--that was some good stuff. And the lonely western graveyard meet was very reminiscent of season two, which I love. I could barely watch while Dean was being hammered by Lucifer. Gah. How dare the prince of darkness ruin that lovely face!!! Dick.

* the Impala. We always knew this car was special, but I really liked how the Impala became a symbol for the love between Sam and Dean. And, yes, it was cheesy how it was the tool that brought Sam out of Lucifer, but it was good cheese.

* the creepy ending. I've already mentioned this, but it merits a second comment. Brrr.

What I didn't love:
* Lisa, the suddenly way important character. I know she always lingered somewhere in Dean's dreamy subconscious as a symbol of what he really wanted out of life. But her reappearance just didn't feel...natural. Know what I mean? All I know about the woman was that Dean had awesome sex with her and she had a kid who could've been his (or still might be? Please don't do that, writers.). I don't feel a true connection between her and Dean--she's just that symbol, not a real person to me.

* Chuck. Huh? Really? God? This dude has a *lot* of 'splaining to do. So God didn't really have a good reason to be absent from all the crap going down? He wasn't being held captive or...something? And, furthermore, he really wasn't absent at all--he was in the thick of all the agony and chaos and he still didn't do anything about it. No wonder the dickie angels didn't fall far from the tree if "Chuck" is such a douche.

In other non-SUPERNATURAL news, some of you have contacted me about HEROES and its cancellation. I haven't watched it for a long time now. I just couldn't deal with it any more. But I hear that there's not even going to be a finale. That stinks. I kept hearing through the grapevine that NBC was even considering a short episode arc that would close things out, so I wonder what happened to have them just pull the series without a swan song.

Also, VAMPIRE DIARIES? Whoa. *That's* how to go out for the summer!

BTW, I'm having major problems with Twitter. For some reason, it's only letting me post sporadically, and I can't seem to contact anyone through their help center. We'll see what happens with that....

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