Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday at the Con

Needless to say, Comic-Con, San Diego, isn't what it once was. Sure, there are more movie presentations and lots of TV, but it feels like the Con is more about waiting in lines lately. As long as one doesn't expect to see too many panels, disappointment won't overshadow everything else.

And that's how I'm approaching the Con these days: pick one or maybe two panels a day that I can reasonably attend and be happy with that. Also, there's a lot of business involved now, too, because I have the good fortune to be on panels and to network with other authors. It's just a different focus for me now.

That's why I won't be posting detailed commentaries on the panels I go to anymore, but I can offer a couple tidbits from the one I did attend today.


I love this Starz program. It's got majorly gratuitous violence, lightning-quick pacing, and enough drama to make a Greek tragedy envious. If you watch the series, here are a few tidbits I gleaned today:

* Andy Whitfield, who plays the title role, has conquered his cancer and is looking great. He's going to hit the gym again to get in shape for season 2. But before that, Starz will air a prequel series (6 episodes) that brings back John Hannah's and Lucy Lawless's deliciously eeeeevil and decadent characters. Spartacus' story will continue after that.

* In the prequel, the character of Doctore will play a really big part, although we won't see his gladatorial match with Theocoles.

* Lucy Lawless says that the prequel opens with "all guns blazing." It's just as packed with drama and action as the first season.

If you can stream this on Netflix, go for it. But, again, it's really brutal. And awesome.

Tomorrow I've got my panel with Charlaine Harris, Rachel Caine, and many other vamp writers in room 7AB from 12-1. A signing follows.
Sunday will be my panel day. Let's hope I get to see SUPERNATURAL and SONS OF ANARCHY!

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