Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have been very bad about keeping up with my blog during this latest deadline, but I've just turned in the third BLOODLANDS book and I can breathe! (For a day.)

I'm taking the rest of the day off. I'm going to READ, baby! I just started ROSEMARY AND RUE by Seanan McGuire and I really want to get back to it. I haven't been so involved in a story for a while. It's about a fae community in San Francisco, and it's engaging and detailed and really creative.

(OMG, I typed "creature" instead of "creative" before I corrected it. Shows you where my mind is still at. I *literally* just sent in Bloodlands 3 a few minutes ago after a last polish.)

Ooo--I'm also reading PERSUASION by Jane Austen, just because I had a craving for... I don't know. Genteel romance? High-waisted dresses? Awesomeness?

Okay. I'm off. Hope you all are doing well. ; )


Celise said...

I've been neck deep in school work and have ignored the blogosphere for a bit. Finally got a moment to breathe and decided to stop by. GOod news about Andy Whitfield. My hubby and I love, love, love that show. You mentioned SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL. What's the sitch on those shows? Tragically, there are 9 episodes of Smallville that I need to watch. I know! Horrible. My hubby won't watch that show with me anymore so I have to watch them when he's hanging out with his BF. But when he's gone, I end up reading! LOL. Congrats on getting B3 turned in. Working on revisions myself as part of a class project and I'm learning SO much. My mentor has been great.

Mardel said...

Ahhh- WHEN do we get to see the books in the store? I can't wait....feeling a little impatient. Silly, because I have to wait anyway for my second paycheck of the year to buy books - school employee schedule. So in October, I'm having a huge book spree. I plan to spend at least $100 - on PaperBacks!!! you know that's a lot of books! :)

The more I read about your new series, the more I want to read the books.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Hey, you two!

Celise, great to see you, and I see how busy you are when I read your tweets! It sounds like this program has been such a great experience for you.

SPARTACUS just rolls so hard. I can't wait for the prequel and then the return of the series. This is the last season of SMALLVILLE, and at the C-C panel, they showed Clark actually flying without it being some huge mistake or fantasy, LOL. Lois opened a box with the Superman costume in it, too, so I'm hoping that we'll see him in it since this is the last season.
It sounds as if SUPERNATURAL is going to get back to its roots. They've taken care of the apocalypse mythology, so there'll be lots of "monster of the week" episodes. We're going to find out about the Campbell family's history as hunters, which should be fun, and it looks like Sam is going to be Dean and Dean is going to be Sam; what I mean by that is Dean will be the "family, home guy" like Sam was when the series started, and Sam's going to yank him out of that because he's the big hunter now.
I like it. :)

Mardel!Thank you! Bloodlands won't be out until August-Oct. of 2011. Such a long wait! I think we have the titles now though:
August: BLOODLANDS, Book 1
September: BLOOD RULES, Book 2
Ocotber: IN BLOOD WE TRUST, Book 3

I'm so envious that you're going on a spending spree!Do you have any books that you're just dying to buy (besides BLOODLANDS. wink!)? If you're looking for a good fae book, I'm currently reading ROSEMARY AND RUE by Seanan McGuire. Very much enjoying it. And I keep hearing that Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy books are amazing, so I bought one of those.

If you want to share your goodies from your buying spree, I'd love to hear what you got!