Thursday, August 05, 2010


Oh, HELL no, NBC.

"NBC just bought a spec script for “Zombies Vs. Vampires.” Deadline Hollywood says:

Zombies vs. Vampires is described as a "fun buddy cop procedural." It is set in a world where zombies are a part of society, controllable with medication. The show's two leads (one secretly a vampire) are cops assigned to a squad specifically formed to deal with "zombie crime"."
-Ain't It Cool News

Nothing more to be said.


Mardel said...

LOL - I can't tell if you like this idea or hate it.

I kind of like it, it might be fun - if it's not done overdramatically.

You don't like this? if not, take heart - it seems that the last few vampire related shows don't seem to last long on the old/time networks (NBC, CBS etc). I've caught a few episodes of The Gates on ABC and could take it or leave it. I would enjoy it more if there were some humor - weird humor like Better off Ted.

But---Zombies! Imagine the potential. Running out of the medicine that controls them...and that's all my feeble imagination can come up with. LOL

Crystal Green's Blog said...

I kinda hate it. : ) But I also like the medicated zombie thing, so I suppose I'm a little torn.

It just seems that, once you start doing zombie/vampire cop buddy shows, it's over.

But you're right--if it has a different way of approaching things, like using real black humor or BETTER OFF TED wit, it could work....

Selena Illyria said...

I... whhhhaaaat?