Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Just in case I didn't reach my quota of Con goodness this year, I went to Dragon*Con, Atlanta. It's different than Comic-Con, San Diego, mainly because of its size. But, as one of my friends commented early on as we gazed at the towering Hyatt floors with Con attendees hanging over the rails, Dragon*Con is more like a "giant geek dorm."

You heard that right--since Dragon*Con isn't located in a convention center, all the action takes place in five hotels, so it's pretty spread out. However, judging from the sea of people you must navigate, "spread out" doesn't seem like the best description. If you're in any way claustrophobic, this is not the experience for you.

I was lucky enough to be put on three different panels: Vampire Ethics, Out of the Coffin, and Marketing Yourself. Fun was had, and I must say that I learned a thing or two about business from the last one. And do I need to mention the excellent food that I snarfled down during the Con? Not only was there a Guest Room for Con professionals that offered some downright yummy kibbles, but Kasey Mackenzie (RED HOT FURY--read it!) and I went to Ray's in the City for some very fine seafood. I went to Mary Mac's Tea Room for some delectable soul food, as well. Eating is a very major part of any trip, as any one who has traveled with me can tell you.

Besides having the good fortune to hang out with Kasey, I also got to spend lots of time with urber agent and author Deidre Knight, her family, plus the wonderful Marley Gibson and Patrick Burns ("Haunted Highways" on Twitter). My only bummer of the Con was that the Ghost Adventure guys had to cancel.

So it's back into the swing of writing now. I'll be diving into a Special Edition, plus shaping a couple of new projects....

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