Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Countdown #10: I SELL THE DEAD

Here's a fun little Halloween treat for ya.

I had no expectations when I put on this movie. I didn't even know what it was about, aside from the excellent title. Turns out, this is a quirky, lively flick about grave robbers who seem as if they were just kicked out of a Dickens novel.

It has many things to recommend it, first of all the cast, which includes Dom Monaghan (You know--Charlie from LOST and one of the hobbits [My mom thought he was twins with Billy Boyd. That still cracks me up.]. The great Ron Perlman (SONS OF ANARCHY [!]) also has a role. Overall, the film has the dark humor vibe of a long TALES FROM THE CRYPT episode. It uses interesting visuals, such as illustrated panels and collage-type presentations. And, this is going to sound strange, but if you watch HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, you might agree with me that the storyline follows the same frenetic paths. For instance, you have two characters who are sitting down for a chat in a bar (or, in this case, a jailhouse). One starts to tell a tale, and that tale branches off into witty asides and other little stories that all converge at the end. I love it.

It's atmospheric, cheeky, and a surprising bit of a gem. Also, it might be best viewed while having a beer or two. Just sayin'.

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