Saturday, October 09, 2010


Do you guys ever get bored and tune into the Chiller channel? If so, you know most of the movie are pretty lame, right?

Well, I had a nice little surprise.

WEREWOLF HUNTER: THE LEGEND OF ROMASANTA (WH:TLR) wasn't half bad. What made it especially intriguing is that it's based on true facts (although I'm sure a lot of artistic flair was taken). The beginning credits tell us that, in Spain, 1851, the first serial killer was brought to trial, and in his defense, he claimed to be a werewolf. I wonder if this was the Twinkie Defense of its day.

At any rate, this killer is played by Julian Sands.

Remember when he was in ROOM WITH A VIEW?

Nowadays, he seems to be the go-to actor for all the warlock/sensitive masked or unmasked killer roles available. But he does bring a certain wounded gentleman vibe to his characters, so I'm glad he's working them.

This is how the killer operates--he's a traveling man, he's made a lot of stops, and his M.O. is to seduce women before he kills them with the aid of a partner. As the action starts this time around, Julian finds a victim in a heroine who--I swear to you--looks a lot like Sadie Frost (Lucy) from BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA. The thing was, though, I thought there was going to be a different "final girl"* in this movie, since there was a young chick who couldn't speak. I could just see her trying to scream as the werewolf went after her in the final reel.


I mentioned in my post about THE WOLFMAN several days ago that I'm not super keen on werewolves that are just wolves. Give me a freakish half-man, half-wolf any day rather than the more naturalistic monster. WH:TLR takes the latter approach, but it added to the "true account" framing of the story. And the flick really does have some good atmosphere and suspense. Also, there's some bathtub hotness to recommend it. Oh, and one more thing--when it shows the man to wolf transformation, it's pretty cool in an old-school, fetal monster kind of way.

Next up? I've got DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE and PEEPING TOM coming from Netflix. Let's see which twisted tale catches my fancy first.

* "final girl"-a well-known term in horror movie circles denoting the last prey standing, and it's usually a female, unless the creator is turning the genre on its head. It's normally an innocent girl who finds her strength during the course of all the screaming and "Who's there"ing.

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