Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Countdown #6: MURDER PARTY

Boy, was this movie different than I'd expected.

From the title, you're probably thinking it's a slasher type flick. I was, too. Instead, it turned out to be a sort of comedy/horror film about "murder as art." This isn't a bad thing, mind you, just...different.

It does have a good Halloween vibe though, starting out with a geek/nerd guy who comes across an appealing invitation to a party. When he decides to attend, he whips up a cardboard knight costume from a box then bakes pumpkin bread, which everyone knows is an absolute requirement to be accepted at any Halloween party.

Surprise--this is not the type of welcoming soiree in which everyone will think you're a cool dude for bringing the pumpkin bread.

What follows is actually, at times, a genuinely funny flick. (Example: as the nerd is traveling to the party, there's a guy on the subway who's rapping at him. Yes, rapping AT him, and the nerd is very scared. I laughed.) When he gets to the party, there's even a girl dressed like Priss from BLADE RUNNER, and that was cool. The characters aren't even the cardboard kind that you'd get from normal slasher fare, and I appreciated that, too.

All in all, it's more morbid than scary, with a great deal of black humor mixed in. Check it out for something...different.

I swear, you guys, I'm going to watch PEEPING TOM next!

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