Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Text Speak

So I'm reading the news this morning when I see a link to an article that makes me go, "OMG"!

This story is about how our every day speech is starting to sound more and more like how we text.

Well, wouldn't you know it--in my new Bloodlands books (coming out August-Oct. 2011), that's how some of my characters talk in the post-apocalyptic future. They call the dialect "Text." No joke.

I turned in that first book about a year and a half ago. The second almost a year ago. The third several months ago. How many people will notice this "Text trend" by the time the novels are released?

How many people will already be talking in Text?


Cori Conrad said...

I had an English professor a few years back predict that text-talk would become mainstream speech in the future. He was already seeing mistakes in essays from students such as thinking "u" was how you spelled "you." I didn't believe him then, but now I'm hearing my teens say things like "LOL" or "jk" in regular conversation. Consider my mind blown. :)

I can't wait to read your new Bloodlands series! Maybe you'll help me get through my text-talk anxiety as I explore your post-apocalyptic landscape. I mean, the TEXT dialect wasn't the end of the world...was it?

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

How interesting, Cori! You know, even when I was teaching (about 8 years ago now?), I noticed the students shortening every single word they could. Our language has become Fast-Food Nationed!

Thank you so much for your kind words. : ) And as for Text dialect being the end of the world...well, it was something that *survived* all the crap that brought about the bad stuff. Yikes.