Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whatcha Readin'?

I haven't done this in a long time, so I'm excited....

What're you reading?

On my front, I've lately been immersed in line edits and proofs, mostly for my upcoming Bloodlands series as Christine Cody. Since the books are coming out back-to-back-to-back (August, Sept., Oct.), I've been receiving the copies one right after the other. I've also been doing my October Montana Mavericks line edit and am waiting for my November Blaze. Oh, *and* I've been polishing my "geek lit" She Code, which I hope to publish online in the future. (I'm shooting for sometime next year, and it's only so far off because I have to figure out how the supporting art work and comic panels are going to translate to an e-screen.)

Still, I'm going a little nuts with my reading right now. I usually like to dive into more than one book at a time, plus I listen to an audio book during my walking binges. Here's what's on:

audio: Blood, Bones, and Butter (I think that's what it's called, LOL) by Gabrielle Hamilton.
This is not a paranormal story, just a chef memoir. I'm about 3 hours into a 10 hour reading, and it's fine so far. When I read a foodie book, I like to roll around in lots of food and kitchen description, and I'm at the beginning, where there are mainly stories about her childhood. It should get more decadent, though, as she grows older.

paper books: Naughty Bits (Spice Briefs, various authors)
Ribald short stories. Easy to get into, fun to read. Pure entertainment.

Santa Olivia Jacqueline Carey
I picked this one up because of the west post-apocalyptic setting with slightly paranormal elements. (My Bloodlands series, as you know, is post-apocalyptic western fantasy, and I freak out every time I discover a book that might be in any way similar to Bloodlands, LOL. Not that the subgenre is super fresh--Priest got there a long time ago--but still. Paranoia.) The writing is elegantly simple, the story intriguing, and it takes it's time to develop its world.
I'm into it.

G is for Gumshoe by Sue Grafton
I'm reading this because I had a total craving for a good mystery, and it's been a long, long time since I read the last book in this series. I LOVE the way Grafton writes--she's a master of detail--and I can relate to the sometimes-prickly Kinsey Millhone.

I've also finally given into the Kindle app. Yup--it happened. I downloaded a few books, and I intend to start an H.P. Mallory story very soon....

Anything anyone would like to share?


Lisa Kessler said...

I'm reading The Alchemist for a book club... (Not enjoying it sadly... *sigh* I know it was a huge deal when it came out, but yeesh! LOL Oh well..)

And I'm loving The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong, but I'm reading very slow because I was finishing up Night Walker edits... (Which I just sent off tonight!!! YAY!!!)

I've never been an audio books person, but maybe I should give it a try sometime? :)


Mardel said...

I just finished an ebook (Range Feud by J.A. Campbell) and a print book (Magic On the Hunt by Devon Monk) and a young adult (Defiant by Lili St. Crow)

Right now I'm reading Naomi Clarke's Afterlife

Dakota Cassidy's Accidental Human,

Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals

I'm having a hard time concentrating on just one, but then I'm like that. I usually have at least five books that I've read up to halfway, until I finally focus on just one. I call it Book Attention Deficit Disorder....I've posted about it - made up symptoms...Hey, it's an authentic faux disorder! lol

I'm looking forward to all the steampunk that's coming out -

yours, Devon Monk's, Meljean Brooks' ...I know there's more coming - but right now I can't think of all the writers who are writing steampunk now. I know it's going to be fun reading! :)

Chris Marie Green/Christine Cody/Crystal Green said...

Hey Lisa and Mardel!

Lisa--major congrats! We'll be looking for your series when it comes out *later this year*! And I haven't read either book, although I've read Kelley's first one. As for audio, I use that format because of my walks. Otherwise, it wouldn't work for me.

Mardel--I've been curious about Naomi Clarke's work. And I'm the same way you are (as you can tell from all the books I've got going, LOL).
re: my upcoming Bloodlands
I wouldn't classify it as steampunk (although I'm dying to read both those series!). But thanks for the kind words. :)

Have a great weekend, all!

Mardel said...

Crystal - I think the western setting and the supernatural bits gave me the steampunk impression. :) I've read the infor about it, but don't remember a classification, what are you "filing" it under? fantasy? Horror? can't be urban fantasy with the historical elements...or is it ...Hell, I'm confused now. *g* Still looking forward to the series, though. And love the pacing of the releases.

Chris Marie Green/Christine Cody/Crystal Green said...

Hey, Mardel,
LOL--it's fun to write something that has a "different" classification, LOL. Not always super fun to brand it though. I've taken to calling it a "post-apocalyptic western fantasy." Dark fantasy would apply across the board though. There's a pretty heavy paranormal romance element to these, as opposed to an urban fantasy in which there's not necessary a strict romance angle.

Thank you! (And I love the back2-back2-back2 release strategy, too!)