Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Another Cool Bloodlands Review!

Here's a nice review from Fresh Fiction:

Not only did Gabriel want to find Abby, the woman who'd run from him, he wants to find solace from the crazy world. However, with governmentally-trained agents called Shredders seeking to kill all the preternaturals left in the country, this lone vampire knows his possibility of redemption or even a semblance of humanity is slim to none. Injured by local hoodlums in the vast Western wasteland, he is reluctantly taken in by Mariah, one of a small underground community. He hopes the members will know something about Abby, but they are more than normally paranoid about outsiders. They're being harassed by someone known as Stamp, a cold man who asserts that he just wants to be good neighbors, even as his wild associates torment everyone in their paths. Even though Chaplin, Mariah's Intel dog, vouches for Gabriel, he finds it difficult to chip away their protective armor. Despite his attempts to stay aloof from their troubles because of his determination to move on once he discovers what happened to Abby, the frenzied passion and fear boiling beneath Mariah's surface intrigues him and draws him dangerously closer.

An excellent novel that touches on a dystopic potential future, BLOODLANDS depicts the gritty nature of survival and secrecy and sets fire to a fabulous new series.

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