Friday, April 27, 2012

Great E-Read Recommendation

Did I tell you all how much I love my Kindle?  One of the reasons is because I get to read books that aren't necessarily available in print, such as Mary Leo's amazing TRUSTING EVIL (a book about Richard Speck's influence on a group of young girls in the neighborhood where the massacre occurred and how one of them grew up haunted by the killings).

Here's another fabulous tale available as an e-read only.  It's a novella called THE VAMPIRE PENDANT and it's the first story in the BLOOD GENIES series from Sheri Whitefeather.  I'm her critique partner, so I got a preview--and, let me tell you, it's hot.


As you can tell from the series title, it's about a hybrid vampire and genie, and the action takes place in old school Hollywood.  It's a highly emotional story, too, which you don't find often in erotic fiction.

I highly recommend this for a romantic and steamy weekend read!

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