Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy GothicScapes Campers

So this week has been kind of a "clean up week."  What I mean by that is that I sent information for the art work for a Fortunes of Texas Special Edition book (w/a Crystal Green) to my publisher.  Then I polished the actual book itself, getting it ready to turn in.  Today and tomorrow I'm polishing the second GothicScapes Vampire Babylon novella (w/a Chris Marie Green) so it'll be all shiny for my freelance editor and then its December release.

But Friday?  Ah, Friday will be the day that Nancy Holder, Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, and I will be having the ultimate clean up--a "format camp" for our first GothicScapes release in October!

See, one thing I didn't really get is that digital work must be formatted before it's actually formatted.  What I mean is this--before the magical guy who will be posting our work formats the book for publishing platforms such as Kindle and Smashwords, etc., we have to make sure that we do things like have only one space between periods and the beginnings of new sentences.  (Yes--I am old school and, out of habit, I still do two spaces.  I have to train myself to stop it.)  Also, you have to have certain quote marks throughout the manuscript and we have to streamline all chapter headings.

You know--maybe I should retitle this whole blog.  Something like, "The Adventures of a Complete Doofus in Digital Self-Pubbling"!  That's sure what I feel like.  But I'm sure things will smooth out after this first release.

Oh--by the way... I'll be posting the cover for UNDEAD FOR A DAY, GothicScapes #1, soon!  We lovelovelove it.  I couldn't have asked for a better cover!


Unknown said...

So can't wait!

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Me, too! Thank you. :)