Friday, August 10, 2012

Want to know what the first GothicScapes Vampire Babylon novella will be about?

Here's the "back cover" blurb!

In “Raising the Dead” by Chris Marie Green (A Dawn Madison Vampire Babylon novella), former hunter Dawn Madison hasn’t been the same since she retired from the life.  She’s tired and drained from injuries sustained during the team’s last stand against the dragon, but when the clock strikes twelve on Samhain, everything changes.  It seems that someone has sent raised-from-the-dark creatures after her, and they’re out for blood—as well as Dawn’s life.

Undead!  Revenant!  

Big trouble for Dawn and the team.

Stay tuned for word on Nancy's story and Linda's story and more news (and maybe even the cover???)!

Sale date: October


Selena Illyria said...

So. Can't Wait! WOOT! The book sounds awesome.

Chris Marie Green/Christine Cody/Crystal Green said...

Thank you! It's so exciting now that this is finally happening...