Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Friday dinners

Every Friday (except when I'm traveling or on heavy deadline), I like to work a half-day so I can pretend I'm a good cook and try a new recipe out in the kitchen.

I was thinking that I'd start sharing my Friday dinner treat with you! (Yeah, we'll see how many Fridays this lasts. But bear with me for now? And even though it's Wednesday, let's do this!)

Last Friday I made an easy dish that was very special to me: Shrimp Reuben Po' Boy.

A little background... I love New Orleans. I mean it--love, love, love. I was lucky enough to visit last year, and we ate a meal at Antoine's, where they served this Po' Boy. What I have in the recipe below is probably my own take on the sandwich since I didn't get the recipe from Antoine's. Also, I kind of like the taste of breaded and fried shrimp better than regular shrimp. I paired it with a Riesling to balance the sauerkraut and served it with a side of homemade kale chips, which I'll include below, too.

Shrimp Reuben Po' Boy

fresh submarine roll or similar (the bread makes the sandwich!)
Remoulade sauce (recommended: Arnaud's sauce, available online and in some stores)
enough shrimp to cover your roll
Swiss cheese (I use 3 slices)
enough sauerkraut to cover the roll (to taste)

Slather the bottom of the halved roll with Remoulade sauce. Pile on the shrimp, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese, then heat in microwave until the cheese melts.

Get ready for pure yumminess.

kale chips

Heat oven to 200 degrees. Tear kale into pieces and lay it out over a cookie sheet. Drizzle olive oil over the pieces, then sprinkle sea salt to taste. Put in oven for 10 minutes. Take out, turn over leaves, and put in for another 10 minutes until crisp. (Watch the amount of oil you put on--you don't want soggy leaves. Crispy is good!)

Have fun!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Ghost for Hire cover!

This is the first in my new Ghost for Hire series from Roc! Jensen Murphy is, yes, a ghost, and she's on the trail of a could-be murderer. Is he guilty? Or is she "booing" the wrong man into a confession?

February, 2014, is the release date!

Here's the full back blurb:

You know the theory that ghosts are energy trapped when someone dies violently? It’s true. I know it for a fact...

My name is Jensen Murphy, and thirty years ago I was just an ordinary California girl. I had friends, family, a guy who might be The One. Ordinary—until I became a statistic, one of the unsolved murders of the year. Afterwards, I didn’t go anywhere in pursuit of any bright light—I stayed under the oak tree where my body was found, and relived my death, over an over. So when a psychic named Amanda Lee Minter pulled me out of that loop into the real world, I was very grateful.

So I’m now a ghost-at-large—rescued by Amanda (I found out) to be a supernatural snoop.  I’m helping her uncover a killer (not mine—she promises me we’ll get to that) which should be easy for a spirit.  Except that I’ve found out that even ghosts have enemies, human—and otherwise…

I've turned in the second book and am awaiting a date for that one, too. :)

Hope you like!