Wednesday, January 29, 2014


6 days until ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG comes out!

Since I didn't post yesterday, it's a two-for-one casting session today...

Every ghost story needs a bad boy, right? The Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire series has one who is a bit of a mystery. At first, you'll be just as unsure as Jensen is about this spirit who keeps popping in and out of "Boo World" to try and lure her to another dimension--a location called "the Star Place." 

But why does the Star Place feel slightly sinister? Is is the glowing pool that seems to want to pull Jensen into it, taking her to her final resting place? Is it the stars themselves, which don't seem like real stars at all? Or is it this bad boy himself, a spirit who calls himself "Dean" and has taken the guise of Jensen's first love?

Back before Jensen died, Dean was a surfer, a smart college boy who left her to travel across the country to go to graduate school. Those of you who know me won't be surprised to know that I modeled "fake Dean" after a certain TV bad boy in SONS OF ANARCHY...

Now I'd like you to meet Amanda Lee Minter, a very important character in this first Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire book. She's the psychic/medium who pulls Jensen out of her repetitive, numb "time loop" in Elfin Forest, and she's hoping her ghost can solve the three-year-old murder of a family friend. She even has a suspect in mind, and she's convinced he's guilty--all she wants is for Jensen to confirm that by haunting the truth out of him....

While I was writing, I was picturing a young Bonnie Bedelia as Amanda Lee. But when Marshal Zeringue asked me to cast the novel on his MY BOOK THE MOVIE site, I started thinking about someone who could play Amanda Lee now. (You'll see the full post soon, so stay tuned for word on that!)

Being a huge GAME OF THRONES fan, I thought of Michelle Fairley, AKA Catelyn Stark. Add some gray streaks to the front of her hair, and you totally have Amanda Lee Minter!

6 days!

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