Monday, January 27, 2014

The Countdown for ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG Begins!

The countdown begins!

In 8 days, ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG, the first book in the Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire series officially goes on sale. Each day, I'm going to introduce you to a character.

Let's start with Jensen herself!

First off, she's dead. And dead in a bad way. Jensen disappeared in San Diego county's haunted Elfin Forest, but her body was never found. Only a psychic/medium, Amanda Lee Minter, knows that Jensen was actually murdered, and she has gone to the woods to pull Jensen out of a "residual haunting phase," AKA a "time loop," in which Jensen is experiencing her death over and over again.

Of course, this psychic/medium has something big in mind for Jensen--and it has to do with solving a murder case by using Jensen's awesome ghostly skills...

Jensen lived in the 1980s, but she's no Valley Girl. (Don't even say that to her!) She was a 23-year-old beach chick and a pizza parlor waitress recovering from the unexpected deaths of her parents. She'd be the first to admit that she was being a waste of life, too numbed to do much with herself, even though she was trying to get out of her funk.

Since this series has a very "80s slasher vibe," I based Jensen on one of my favorite "final girls" ever--Ginny Field from Friday the 13th, Part 2, played by the down-to-earth, girl-next-door Amy Steele. If you read ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG, just picture Jensen like this...

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