Saturday, February 01, 2014


3 days until ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG is out!

The past couple of days you've met a couple of Edgetts, members of the family being haunted in this first book of the Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire series. Here are two more...

First, we have Wendy Edgett, a fifteen-year-old who was adopted into the family. I didn't have a movie-star inspiration for Wendy, but she might've looked like this, with a pink streak down the front of her hair. Wendy is rather sensitive to Jensen's presence in the house, and since she's grown up with ghost shows all over the TV, she just might know a few tips about how to ghost hunt...

The following picture is a generic one for Noah Edgett, another adopted teen. A younger Jay Hernandez with longer hair would be perfect!

BTW, you guys do know that poltergeists are said to center around teens who are emotionally disturbed, right?

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