Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Free Short Vampire Babylon Horror Story!

Hi, you all!

A few years ago, I wrote a short story called "Soul Stains" that was published in a horror anthology called THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS. But I wanted to post the entire story on Wattpad, a writing community, for a while, making it free and accessible to those who want to read it before I bundle it with two other Dawn Madison stories: RAISING THE DARKNESS and IN BAD SPIRITS (which are already available at Amazon, Kobo, and Nook)! I *really* wanted to have it out there for those who purchased RAISING and SPIRITS, though.

The collection will be called MONSTER HUNTERS, and here's a cover preview...

Once "Soul Stains" is bundled, it'll take a permanent vacation from Wattpad and only be available in digital form for a while, so you might want to read it soon by clicking here!

I hope you "enjoy" this scary story. (Although I'm not sure "enjoy" is really the word for horror!) The events take place after the sixth book in my Vampire Babylon series (DEEP IN THE WOODS) and just before RAISING THE DARKNESS.

Happy Hunting...

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