Monday, February 03, 2014

Spotify Playlist for ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG

1 day until ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG is out! Here's a Spotify playlist with songs Jensen might've listened to before she died--and songs from the ghost party house.

Below is a direct link, but I'd like to post the reasons I included each song afterward...

1. Video Killed the Radio Star - This Buggles tune is mentioned right up front in the book. What better song to usher in the birth of the 80s and the death of something else?

2. No One Lives Forever - Jensen was a big Boingo fan back when they were called Oingo Boingo. Also? Creepy, fun song.

3. Destroyer - Jensen refers to this Kinks song several times, thanks to its "paranoia" theme. But why would a ghost be paranoid in Boo World? (Lots of reasons...)

4. Angel - Aside from the title, this song had to be included because Jensen quietly loved Madonna, even though it wasn't super cool for a beach/surf girl to be on that mainstream bandwagon.

5. Accept Yourself - This Smith's song represents Jensen's love for the band, and the type of song that one of the best radio stations in the country, San Diego's 91X, would've played back in the day.

6. A Forest - Another 91X, alternative song by The Cure. Listen to the words and imagine Elfin Forest, where Jensen died. Coincidence, anyone?

7. That'll Be the Day - Major tone shift in the playlist here! But this Buddy Holly song is one of the first songs Jensen hears when she visits the Happy House--a cabin in the woods that a bunch of ghosts like to gather and party at. Just for kicks, they have music wars, conjuring tunes out of the air. As you'll see from this portion of the list, we've got all kinds of tastes and eras running through this haunted house. This would be a song that Scott, the 50s ghost, would love.

8. El Zipilote Mojado - Mexican party folk song! Since this book takes place in San Diego, there are "Old Town" ghosts in residence, and they do like their party tunes.

9. In the Mood - There are a couple ghosts from the '40s here, too, and Glenn Miller would be their thing!

10. Moonlight Serenade - Another Glenn Miller, but this is a slower song, good for two elderly ghosts who love each other, even in death, to dance "cheek to cheek" to.

11. Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys - Yup, there's even an old cowboy ghost (who was buried in the land under the cabin) who likes him some Waylon Jennings.

12. You Should Be Dancing - What's a ghost party without a 70s ghost playing some Bee Gees disco?

13. Human Fly - Even Jensen learns how to conjure some of the music floating on the air from radio waves. She digs this strange Cramps song.

14. Spellbound - What were the 80s without some Siouxsie and the Banshees? Jensen had to share this one, too.

15. Jessie's Girl - If you read the book, you'll see that Twyla, a Valley Girl ghost, will take any opportunity she can to fly in Jensen's face. Slinging some Rick Springfield at her would be the perfect volley to Jensen's alternative stuff.

16. I Still Believe - Boo World can be very dark, but The Call brings us some hope as we come to the end of this playlist...

17. Only the Good Die Young - Thank you to Billy Joel for the title. :)

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