Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tucson Festival of Books Workshop: How Authors Use Settings - Questions


If you were in this workshop today, thank you! And here's a list of the world building questions. Best of luck, and have fun with that setting!

-       What kind of people/creatures populate your world?  Superficially, how do you tell them apart (fashions, daily routines, etc.)?  Digging deeper, what are some of the more significant differences?  (Religions, beliefs)

-       Caste systems/social standings?

-       What controls the society in this world?  How are the people/creatures kept in line?  Or are they kept in line?  What are the crimes that normally occur and the punishments?  How about religion? (Why does this religion exist?)

-       Weather, etc.  Is your world tropical?  Cold?  How do the buildings and structures suit the needs of the climate? Nature—do the surroundings provide nourishment for your characters? (And what kind of nourishment do they need?  Do they need any sort of clothing/accessories to protect them from nature?)

-       How do your people/creatures communicate?

-       Currency system—what is valuable in this world?

-       Holidays—what do your characters celebrate?  Why?  What do you want to feature in your book?

-       Past times—music, arts, entertainment?

-       Physics of the world?

-       Old grudges that tribes or families might hold against one another?

-       History of your world—why does the world/town/family unit exist? What function does it have?  What does your town/family/city center around?  If the people/creatures who came out on the short end of the stick in your world’s history could tell you their version, what would it sound like?

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