Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Day in Need of a Soundtrack

James Horner is feared dead.

Some of you might not know who Mr. Horner was, but that seems about right. His job was to remain in the background of films, whispering musical notes into our ears as the screen flashed with drama and action and romance. His job was to grab our hearts and emotions in the most subtle ways possible--through movie scores.

He took us worlds away in STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN.

He gave GLORY to the brave and fallen.

He made action scenes more intense in ALIENS.

He made quiet moments of heartbreak sing in FIELD OF DREAMS.

He made millions of people fall in love in TITANIC.

He gave us all A BEAUTIFUL MIND just by letting mind and heart come together.

And so much more.

As you listen to each cut, you can imagine what's happening. That's why I used and still use some of Mr. Horner's music to inspire writers and students to brainstorm their stories. I know people who were so moved by the theme from A BEAUTIFUL MIND that entire books were born from those three minutes of haunting, flowing, ethereal notes.

If you listen to a movie without the soundtrack, it's a totally different experience. That's what today feels like--a movie without the music, silent and a little numbing. All I want to do is fill it up with Mr. Horner's music.

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