Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Exhausting. And good.

Maybe that's how you've described conferences, too, because most writers are "introverts pretending to be extroverts" at these events. When you spend a lot of time in front of a computer not using your voice box, the act of talking and networking and constantly being "on" can drain you!

And that's always the case with the Romance Writers of America conference, which was held in New York this year. BTW, if you think you can take a breath of alone-time air outside, think again.

But you gotta love it all.

I had a great time on the Surviving Hybrid panel with Tera Lynn Childs and Shana Galen, and was happy to meet audience members who came up to us afterward. The Berkley signing was fantastic, and I got to meet Kelly Collins, a fellow member of an upcoming box set we're both in. I also met readers of the Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire series--woot! Your comments were all heartfelt and appreciated!

The workshops were, as always, informative and inspiring.

Yet what would a conference be without coming face to face with old friends and writers I admire? Big thank yous to Christie Ridgway, Stephanie Bond, Barbara Freethy, and Kristen Painter for taking the time to honestly and kindly offer advice. Mary Leo and Erin Quinn, you are awesome conference partners! And I finally got to meet up with my constant critique partner Judy Duarte.

Lastly, there are the parties. Ahhh, the parties! Big thanks to Berkley for their Bryant Park Grill shindig, which offered enough food to keep my tummy full and happy for a couple days afterward. (Check out this dessert table)

After the conference, I was able to have a New York Day, which consisted of walking at least four miles over the city streets. I kid you not because, yes, I am a major walker, and I enjoyed every second. (And you wonder why I say I'm exhausted?) I had brunch at Perilla and visited Eataly with Mary Leo, but Eataly was about as crowded as Comic-Con.

Still, it had a cheese counter that made me want to dive face-first into it.

So that was my big summer vacation! What did you all do this summer?

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