Monday, July 06, 2015

Thank God for Netflix During the Summer

The dividing line between the rest of the year and summer for me isn't a change in the weather. It comes during that final week of TV programming when all the season finales happen. Immediately afterward, it's like...poof! Nothing more to entertain you, minion.

Thank God for Netflix, because that's when binge-TV watching becomes my life.

I'd been saving Bloodline for summer, and it's the perfect series for this time of year: it takes place in the Florida Keys, where the water comes in different, vivid shades of blue and the sand is white and pure. You can almost feel the humidity on the skin of the characters as they wear their sweat-soaked tank tops and hang out at dusk at beachside bars. But Bloodline offers so much more than just atmosphere--it has a grimy noir feel that weaves itself in and out of a dysfunctional family, leaving you dwelling in more than one layer of darkness, just like those different shades of water-blue.

There're family secrets. Love dramas. And death.

It is awesome.

The only problem is the big hole left in the center of me now that I've binge-watched the heck out of Bloodline. I'm actually starting on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to feel happier. 

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