Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Moonlight and Magnolias

I'll be the keynote speaker at this year's Moonlight and Magnolia's conference!

It's October 1-4, and I'll be keynoting at the Saturday luncheon from 12:00 - 1:50pm. Then I'll be signing at the bookfaire from 4:00 - 5:30pm.

Check here for more details!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

What We're Reading

Hello, again!

Are you all being good readers? I finished LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE, and it was worth the read. Some very controversial stuff in there that might be upsetting, but polarization can make a book popular. And this one sure is. I think it's interesting that we have this trend—I don't know...is it a trend?—in which every book with "girl" in its title features an unlikable heroine. Gillian Flynn is a master at pulling this off, enrapturing readers while we perhaps even despise the heroine, and while I'm slowly making my way through the "Girl" books (GONE GIRL, GIRL ON THE TRAIN, LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE), it's fascinating to see what other authors do with this tricky characterization.

P.S. Some readers might never connect with the LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE, so be warned.

Anyway, this week, I've added three more books. I can't keep track of how many I'm even reading anymore. (Er...#hyperchick?)

1. LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg

The wonderful Stephanie Bond recommended this book. It's written by the COO of Facebook, and it's not so much a memoir as it is a statement of encouragement to women to be more assertive. It explores reasons we won't "sit at the table" (and you'll have to read the book to get that reference/story, although you can probably infer that it has something to do with men sitting at the big table while women chose not to. It's a stunning anecdote.) Very enlightening and startling.


Okay, urban fantasy fans, here's something right up your awesome alley! This novella appeared in a box set I was in, SEDUCTIVE SUPERNATURALS (not avx anymore), and it's fantastic. Cassi can really build a world, and this one is sort of a post-apocalyptic keep-society-in-line agency world. The heroine is unlike any I've read before--she's a smart paranormally inclined doctor who is vulnerable to spirit possession--and that's refreshing. I've got Cassi's other UF books, so I'll be glomming pretty soon.


Technically, I haven't started this yet, but it's sitting here right next to me staring. Pick me up now, it is saying. I'm telling it to hold its horses until I finish this blog. Yeesh, a little patience, please?

Anyway, maybe this book has good reason to be snapping its fingers at me because it's been on my TBR shelf (shelves?) for years. In spite of recommendations from friends, it somehow got lost amongst the other million books. You know what made me snatch it up? The news that Leonardo DiCaprio will be starring in the film version for Martin Scorsese. I love to read books well before the movie is out because I'll remember the overview but not the smaller details--those will surprise me all over again come cinema time. Yes, I'm simple.

In case you haven't heard, this book is about the man who is supposed to be America's first serial killer. (Yeah, not my kind of book at all!) He got busy during the World's Fair in Chicago. That's all I know and that's how I like it.

Are you reading anything fun? Share!

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

What We're Reading

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared the five books I was reading with you? Well, I'm down to four now, although I anticipate getting another Overdrive audio book any day now. (Yeah, I'll be sure to shout that out when I actually get it. Can you feel the anticipation in the air?)

1. THE SUMMONING by Kelley Armstrong

I'm still on that young adult kick, and this one's a paranormal by a bestselling author. Due to life's little happenings, I had to put it aside for a bit, but it's easy to get back into. Basically, it's about a girl who thinks she's schitzophrenic because she's seeing dead people. Since this is a paranormal book, we know there's not a thing wrong with her (besides the dead thing). The writing is snappy and fresh, so I'm enjoying it.

2. SECRET PLEASURES by Cheryl Howe

Full disclosure--a good friend of mine wrote this, and I'm loving it. I grew up reading historical romance, and I've never given up the habit. This one's a historical regency, and how can a girl not adore scenes set at glittering (and some naughty) parties? How can a girl not feel for the disgraced heroine as she navigates her way around the snotty ton?

A girl cannot.

3. ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS by Barbara Freethy

We actually received this book at the RWA conference, but I discovered that I already had it on my Kindle. I'm not far into it yet, but I can see why Freethy's a bestseller--she's created a heroic family populated by firefighters and community givers, and they're very appealing.

4. LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE by Jessica Knoll

I just started this one. It's supposed to be the summer's big read, so I'm feeling very hip and with-it. After chapter one, I'm waiting to see where this leads, but I see that this is drawing comparisons to Gillian Flynn books, and that's a high bar to meet. The similarity to Flynn is pretty obvious, though--this book continues this newish trend of featuring unlikable but compelling female characters (in the tradition of GIRL ON THE TRAIN and, oh, every single Gillian Flynn book).

What are you all reading?