Saturday, November 19, 2016

***Free*** Novelette on the Radish Mobile Reading App!

Secrets, Lies, and Heartaches…

When shy, lonely new girl in town Carley Rios first went on a hot social media app, she was only trying to find a friend…and maybe something more. Then she reads an anonymous, heartfelt confession that she thinks is about her and, soon, one sexy, sinful confession leads to another, as well as a game of secret admirer.

Who is he? She’s about to find out as her true love sets up a meeting with her, whispering in her ear and revealing his identity in a breathless heartbeat…

This is "Sweet Secrets," a novelette that starts off the rest of the Aidan Falls new adult romance series. When this story ends, HONEYTRAP will begin, then SUGARBABY!

If some of these titles sound familiar, it's because they were previously published under "Crystal Green." However, I just got the publishing rights, and I decided to rename one of the three works. "Sweet Secrets" used to be called "Whisper," but I wanted to keep to the "sweet" theme of the entire series, so voila!

Also, "Chris Marie Green" is now the author rather than "Crystal Green." I'm in the process of putting all my "grittier," "hotter," and/or "darker" work under that pen name because "Crystal Green" will now be devoted to writing sweet romances such as the Heroes of the West series. In fact, since I also just got the rights back to four of my old Special Editions, I'll be revising those so that they are sweet, as well! (They'll also belong to "Crystal.")

Anyway, as I mentioned, "Sweet Secrets" is free on Radish (click here to go to the app, but you'll find "SS" quicker if you go through your phone app). For the time being, my user name on Radish is still "CrystalOh," but I'll be switching that to "Chris Marie Green," too.

I hope you read all five chapters and continue with the series when HONEYTRAP goes live on Radish 11/30/16!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Backlist, Radish, and General Craziness!

I just got the rights to indie publish seven of my Harlequin backlist books! Three are former Blazes (one novella and two vampire stories) and four are ex-Special Editions!

So busy times ahead... I just put the first Aidan Falls reissue up on Radish, so you can start reading the "Sweet Secrets" novelette now! (Formerly "Whisper," w/a Crystal Green. Now it's written as Chris Marie Green.) HONEYTRAP will follow on the same day "SS" ends on Nov. 30. Then SUGARBABY will go up!

I'm also prepping my Rough and Tumble books for publication. Covers should be done after Thanksgiving, but I already put up the new website at

Then, after my third Heroes of the West Montana Sky Kindle Worlds book goes up December 15 (as Crystal Green), I'll be able to turn my attention to the Harlequin backlist. Good times!

Monday, November 07, 2016

Scavenger Hunt!

Ready for some fun? Join this scavenger hunt for the Montana Sky Kindle Worlds books! There'll be prizes the next few weeks, but the party kicked off today with me, writing as Crystal Green. Click here!

Monday, October 24, 2016


Guess who just got back the rights to indie publish 6 of her hot romance books? Crystal Green! I obviously have a lot of work to do on my three core Rough and Tumble novels (Rough and Tumble, Down and Dirty, Hot and Bothered), as well as my three new adult Aidan Falls romances ("Whisper" [which I'm renaming "Sweet Secrets"], Honeytrap, and Sugarbaby). I'll be working on Aidan Falls first, because I'm planning to serialize them for the Radish mobile reading app. (Due to time constraints, I've been unable to work on the second House of the Satin Glove novel, so Aidan Falls will be posted there in the meantime!)
So if you've tried to buy any of these books, they are not available for the time being. You'll know when they're back up for sale under new covers and my CrystalOh pen name!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Reissue from Chris Marie Green!

Just in time for Halloween--a Vampire Babylon novella for only 1.99!

A vampire in New York…

Ginny and her twin sister are only two of many glamorous creatures who stalk the nights during the decadent ‘70s, partying at hotspots like Studio 54, where bloodplay is just one of many wicked delights. There are no rules for them, only pleasure…until Ginny does the unthinkable after a passionate bite.

Falling for her prey.

But her twin isn’t about to let Ginny leave her so easily, and she’ll do anything to stop her, even if it means destroying the first soul-stirring feelings Ginny has felt since she actually lost her soul…

Available at:

If you read my Vampire Babylon series, you might remember that one of the main vampires in the Hollywood underground, Sorin, the Master's lieutenant, had twin vampire daughters. They abandoned him years ago, and he never knew why--or where they went. This steamy paranormal romance novella covers all that and then some!

Just a note: "Double the Bite" is a reissue. It was first published in the FIRST BLOOD anthology.

Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

TV Is a Part of My Writing Process!

I watch soooo many TV shows, but, hey--it's a glorious part of the job. Find out the reason at The Verbs, where I wrote a blog about it! I would love if you left a comment, too...

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Romancing the Wine Launch!

Bring a glass of your favorite wine to our Facebook release party tonight! The authors will be there chatting and giving away good stuff. Click here to enter the party, which starts at 4:30pm eastern time! I'll be "on" at 9:00pm, so I hope to see you there!

Click here to order Romancing the Wine, a box set with nine romances--all for .99!!!
My contribution to the set is "Corked and Screwed," a Crystal Green Rough and Tumble novella. This time, Buzz Burton gets to fall in love!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Giveaway at Rafflecopter

I'm part of a wine-themed romance novella set that just went on pre-order for .99, and we're holding a giveaway in anticipation of the release!

The Romancing the Wine box set includes my newest Crystal Green Rough and Tumble novella, "Corked and Screwed," and you can click here to get your copy on September 6...

Colin “Buzz” Burton has lived on the outskirts of Vegas for his entire cowboy life, yet in spite of the naughty shenanigans he’s taken part in, he’s never gotten this down and dirty! When Leticia Bravo, a wine consultant who’s ready to shed her cosmopolitan skin for the night, mistakes him for a gigolo, the rancher goes from beer fan to wine lover with a whole lotta sinning in between…
Right now, the set will be exclusive to Kindle, but stay tuned for "Corked and Screwed" to be available on other platforms!

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Free E-books--Act Fast!

I'm in the process of "cleaning" my newsletter lists, so if you're already on one of them (Chris Marie Green and/or Crystal Green), I'd love for you to opt in again. If you do so, you'll get a link to download a free e-book through BookFunnel!

You can even sign up for both newsletters. And if you're new to both lists, go for it!

So…for hot, steamy romances—as well as sweet historical Westerns—sing up for Crystal Green!

For mystery thrillers—including paranormal—rejoin Chris Marie Green!

Happy reading!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Out today on Amazon Kindle Worlds! This is the novella sequel to my first sweet historical Western as Crystal Green, THE COWBOY'S SECRET.

A cowboy who’s been jilted once before…
After gentleman rancher Jasper Stanley got stood up at the altar, he vowed never to be emotionally involved with a woman again. So when he arranges for a new bride to join him on the Golden C, he’s ready to engage in a productive, straightforward business deal.
Little does Jasper know that Rose Leigh Addison has adored him for years. But can he leave his broken heart behind long enough to see love on the horizon?

This sweet 24,000 word novella takes place right after Debra Holland's BENEATH MONTANA’S SKY, after John Carter returns with his own new bride. It's an Amazon Kindle Worlds exclusive, and if you're looking for a summer read, click here!

I'm planning on a third novella that will come out with Kindle Worlds in December, and when you read the end of this one, you'll see the reason. But be assured that there will be a conclusion to this miniseries...

Monday, July 25, 2016

*FREE* Bonus Chapter Up at Radish!

Okay, Gloved Ones--the ***free*** bonus chapter is up at Radish!

If you haven't read HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE yet, I recommend *not* reading this extra chapter until you finish. It's from Sebastian's point of view (a retelling of chapter 1) and he's thinking things that aren't revealed until later in the book. Part of the fun of HOUSE is discovering the turns behind all the twists, so you've been warned!

Next up will be the print version of the book. All the chapters will be collected there, and you'll get more bonus material. This time, there are tarot readings for Scarlet and Sebastian. The book file is ready to go, and the cover just needs to be done. Stay tuned...especially since I'll be plotting another House book soon, and another mysterious romance is coming your way!

Saturday, July 23, 2016


I can't believe it's the end for HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE on Radish...

Or is it?

Well, first of all, you're going to find a ***free*** bonus chapter next week, and it's from Sebastian's point of view. The extra chapter will be available only on the Radish app, so you can go there to read it! One warning, though: If you haven't read all of HOUSE, there are a lot of spoilers in Sebastian's chapter.

Very soon, watch for an announcement about a print version of HOUSE! It'll be available on Createspace, and it will also have exclusive bonus material. For the print version, you'll find tarot readings for Scarlet and Sebastian. The cards produced some very interesting predictions...

To keep up with future works--including the start of another HOUSE book--I'll be putting together newsletters. I would love for you to join the list! All you have to do is go to my new CrystalOh site by clicking here...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chapter 27 up at Radish for HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE!

Just two more chapters until the novel is complete on Radish!

I'll be posting the final chapters on the same day (Saturday), so you won't have to wait this time. Then I hope you'll stay tuned for a bonus chapter from Sebastian's point of view!

I told you that I would give you a second hint about another House book, so here you go...

In the introduction on Radish, I mentioned that this House was inspired by one of my favorite naughty movies, WILD ORCHID. (And, BTW, check in Saturday to see a major homage to that movie!) I thought it would be fun to continue with the fan-fic vibe, so I'm going to get inspiration from another favorite "old" flick.

Is there anyone out there who hasn't seen BASIC INSTINCT? Well, I'm going to twist many things around with the plot and characters, but I want to capture the sleek, sexy, cat-and-mouse feel of that psychological thriller. In other words, expect more mystery and steam from the second book.

I think I'll be "renaming" Scarlet's story HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE: SCARLET. That would mean the companion novel would feature the name of the new companion who'll be our heroine. It'll be called HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE: ???.

You'll see what her name will be soon enough!