Tuesday, February 09, 2016

New Release!

Something new and different!

I was asked to be a launch author for Debra Holland's Montana Sky Kindle Worlds, and my sweet Western historical is now on sale!

Kindle Worlds is a community in which fans of a series can use the established world and characters to create their own stories. That means I used my own original characters and wove Debra's world and some supporting characters throughout my novella. It was a really fun project to tackle, as well as a very different one. I've never published an historical before, but I grew up reading them and loving them. I hope the result is as enjoyable for you as it was for me.

A cowboy’s hidden heart…

Silent, strong Boone Ross has a secret, and after beautiful widow Lorena Bell arrives at the ranch where he works, that secret only grows, threatening to consume them both.

The past has always been a step behind Boone, but now it’s coming closer and closer. Is it time to run again, or will he stay and fight for a love that can bring him out of his self-imposed darkness?

This sweet 28,000 word novella takes place during Debra Holland’s BENEATH MONTANA’S SKY, while John Carter is back east choosing a bride.

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