Saturday, May 28, 2016

Chapter 12 of HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE up at Radish!

Another #SatinSaturday, another gloved gathering. Chapter 12 features a sexy cliffhanger for Scarlet, and if you came here directly from reading, please feel free to ask questions or comment!

If you haven't started HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE yet, all you have to do is go to the Radish app, search for my title or my pen name, CrystalOh, and you've got it! The first three chapters are free, and you'll also find a bunch of serial stories along with HOUSE. I, myself, have taken to this mobile reading format--it's good for when you're on the go, waiting in lines, riding in the backseat of an Uber car, etc.

Stay tuned for chapter 13 Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chapter 11 of HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE up!

The billionaire has more surprises for Scarlet...

When I was younger, I was addicted to VC Andrews, Sidney Sheldon, and all those glamour-revenge books that lined the bestseller shelves. While HOUSE isn't a high-gear revenge book, more of a new gothic romance with lots of mystery, sometimes I feel like I'm revisiting that Sheldon vibe.

Did anyone else read those books?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Chapter 10 of HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE is up!

Last time we left Scarlet, the mysterious billionaire Sebastian Bendt had sent her two surprising gifts. (I won't reveal what they are, just in case you haven't been reading the HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE serial by my pen name CrystalOh. Mwa-hah-hah.)

In chapter 10, Scarlet's gonna grill Sebastian...and when she visits Ebony, she receives some interesting news.

I've mentioned before that I've never written a serial before, and I am loving this. My schedule at the moment doesn't allow me to write as much as I'd like to, but the length of each serial chapter is perfect for the time I have. I'm going to have more of an opportunity to write soon, so I'm going full-throttle on this story, then starting on more Rough and Tumble and another Debra Holland Kindle Worlds historical western (then another Final Girls). I would actually like to write more about the House, though! And for those who would rather binge this story in print, I have plans to put out a print version after all the chapters have been posted at Radish.

From the numbers so far, there are readers who are continually subscribing to the story, but it looks like not all of them are downloading the chapters yet. I think there are a lot of binge readers out there (like me) who might be waiting until the story finishes. It's fascinating to try this new platform!

I hope you're enjoying HOUSE. :)

To check it out, go here, then search for HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE by CrystalOh.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Latest Chapter Posted for HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE!

How does Sebastian's party end? And is this the beginning of something even darker for him and Scarlet?

It's Wednesday, so that means there's a new chapter up for HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE! Look the novel up under that title (as well as my pen name CrystalOh) at the Radish app!

Saturday, May 14, 2016


There's a new HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE chapter up at the Radish app!

There's still a crazy party going on at Sebastian Bendt's place, but it's about to end on a strange note. But what *isn't* strange about Scarlet's new life? What isn't exciting about it?

There'll be more to come Wednesday, when chapter 9 comes your way!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Just posted on Radish: Chapter 7 of HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE!

Sex, supper clubs, and a billionaire who just got even more mysterious...

In my Radish app bio, I mention that this novel is part WILD ORCHID fan fiction. Did you ever see that movie? It's awesome. I'm talking good bad movie awesome. It stars Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis, and it provided many a popcorn-and-fun filled night for my friends and me back in college. I even had a friend who thought Mickey Rourke's character was IT. She would swoon every time his strange billionaire was on screen.

Anyway, at this point in HOUSE, it's getting very WILD ORCHID-y. Our heroine, Scarlet, has gone to an extreme supper club hosted by Sebastian Bendt, the mysterious billionaire of this story, and in chapter 7, she finds out just how extreme these gatherings can be...

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Chapter 6 for HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE posted on Radish!

You are cordially invited to attend cocktail hour for the mysterious billionaire's extreme supper club at the HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE! New chapter up at the Radish mobile app!

As you know, I'm writing for the Radish app under the pen name CrystalOh. I chose to do that because this is pretty different from what Crystal Green usually writes (hot romance for Rough and Tumble contemporary westerns and now a few sweet historical westerns for Debra Holland's Kindle Worlds Montana Sky) and what Chris Marie Green usually writes (paranormal and real world thrillers).

HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE is a bit of a mix, really--part mystery, part dark billionaire romance, part glitz catfight drama--and I'm having the best time writing it!

What does that mean for my other stuff? Well, Crystal Green is still planning more Rough and Tumble novellas, as well as another Montana Sky story for the summer. And Chris Marie Green is waiting patiently to write the next Final Girls slasher mystery thriller.

I love writing for you guys!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016



Chapter 5 is called "In the Flesh," so if you've been following Scarlet's adventures in the world of gloved companions, you can guess what this means--she's about to meet the dark, mysterious billionaire Sebastian Bendt!

But you know women--part of the fun of a party is getting ready, and there's some high drama at the House of the Satin Glove with the cruel Snow...

Trivia tidbit: There's moment in this chapter inspired by the great SHOWGIRLS. If you love this wonderfully bad movie as much as I do, you'll identify that moment easily.

To upload the Radish app on your mobile device, go here!