Saturday, May 21, 2016

Chapter 10 of HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE is up!

Last time we left Scarlet, the mysterious billionaire Sebastian Bendt had sent her two surprising gifts. (I won't reveal what they are, just in case you haven't been reading the HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE serial by my pen name CrystalOh. Mwa-hah-hah.)

In chapter 10, Scarlet's gonna grill Sebastian...and when she visits Ebony, she receives some interesting news.

I've mentioned before that I've never written a serial before, and I am loving this. My schedule at the moment doesn't allow me to write as much as I'd like to, but the length of each serial chapter is perfect for the time I have. I'm going to have more of an opportunity to write soon, so I'm going full-throttle on this story, then starting on more Rough and Tumble and another Debra Holland Kindle Worlds historical western (then another Final Girls). I would actually like to write more about the House, though! And for those who would rather binge this story in print, I have plans to put out a print version after all the chapters have been posted at Radish.

From the numbers so far, there are readers who are continually subscribing to the story, but it looks like not all of them are downloading the chapters yet. I think there are a lot of binge readers out there (like me) who might be waiting until the story finishes. It's fascinating to try this new platform!

I hope you're enjoying HOUSE. :)

To check it out, go here, then search for HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE by CrystalOh.

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