Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chapter 19 up for HOUSE OF THE SATIN GLOVE!

There's been a lot of romantic build up between Sebastian and Scarlet. (Ooops--I almost typed "Sebastian and Crystal!) But to you romance fans out there, your patience is going to be rewarded, and we're starting this week... (Hint, hint.)

This novel is going to end in late July, and I'm going to be putting a print version up for sale. That means you can have all the chapters in one place. Even if I love my ereader, I'm still a print fan, too. There's nothing like holding that book and looking back at the cover every once in a while. I grew up devouring historical romances (and horror--go figure), and one of my greatest pleasures was reveling in those beautiful covers. I especially loved the ones by Elaine Duillo. (You can go here to check some out. And now that I've looked at some of these again, I'm dying to pick some of these up for a good summer read, LOL. However, I'm currently binging on the Pretty Little Liars books. Major crack.)

Apple and Android readers can join all the romance and mystery in the House by downloading the Radish app here. Then just look up the book title or my pen name, CrystalOh!

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