Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Backlist, Radish, and General Craziness!

I just got the rights to indie publish seven of my Harlequin backlist books! Three are former Blazes (one novella and two vampire stories) and four are ex-Special Editions!

So busy times ahead... I just put the first Aidan Falls reissue up on Radish, so you can start reading the "Sweet Secrets" novelette now! (Formerly "Whisper," w/a Crystal Green. Now it's written as Chris Marie Green.) HONEYTRAP will follow on the same day "SS" ends on Nov. 30. Then SUGARBABY will go up!

I'm also prepping my Rough and Tumble books for publication. Covers should be done after Thanksgiving, but I already put up the new website at

Then, after my third Heroes of the West Montana Sky Kindle Worlds book goes up December 15 (as Crystal Green), I'll be able to turn my attention to the Harlequin backlist. Good times!

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