Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I do love me some found footage movies, and although it seems that THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT is a bit polarizing, I thought it had a lot going for it.

We follow a group who is out to make a documentary about all the haunted houses that pop up around every Halloween. But here's the conceit of the film and the big question the documentarians come across: How can you be sure that some of the people who are trying to scare the poo out of you behind those masks aren't serious psychos?

There were some great jump scares and truly tense scenes as the group tries to track down a shady underground extreme haunted house that relocates every year. As you can see from the movie poster, some of the costumes are fah-ree-kay! I might be in the minority here, but I actually liked the main characters and that means I actually cared about the dangers that awaited them.

Bottom line: This isn't as fun as going to those real houses that October build, but it's still a creepy good time.

Stay tuned for INTRUDER!

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