Monday, September 18, 2017

Halloween Movie Binge: INTRUDER

In the shadows he waits...

Don't ask me why I constantly gravitate toward these kinds of movies in which creepy creeps crawl through houses, spying on the heroines and gaslighting them into thinking they're going crazy. Halloween is approaching, and I need no excuses.

I'm going to give you a super quick run down on this one:
- Single girl
- Multiple yucky men who fondle her with their eyes (AKA, suspects)
- Landlady who goes away for the weekend
- Friend brings cat over (AKA, "Hi--I'm here to dole out some jump scares!")
- Uckie, faceless dude in hoodie hiding under beds and in closets while heroine remains oblivious

Bottom Line: Have a drink every time the heroine narrowly misses catching the creeper. Maybe then you won't mind so much when the lead actress goes from an American accent to a Scottish one, sometimes even in the same scene. Strange!

Stay tuned for: Vault of Horror

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