Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Halloween Movie Binge: HONEYMOON

What I love about the digital age is that it's brought back scary movies with a brutal force. There's something for everyone.

Not everything has to be about jump scares, though I love them.

Not everything has to be about slashes, though that's one of my fave horror subgenres.

Sometimes you get movies that are subtle, that creep under your skin minute by minute. They are slow burns (like one of my all-time favorites, SESSION 9).

For HONEYMOON, you need lots of patience. It starts off with newlyweds who go to a remote cabin, and they are totally in lurve. Much time is spent establishing this. Also, if you're a GAME OF THRONES or PENNY DREADFUL fan, you'll be happy to see Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway here.

Then weirdness starts, beginning with the townspeople. After that, something changes for this loving couple, and I'm not going to say what, but...creeeeepy.

Oh, also, if you're looking for a scene that will make you want to barf, look no farther than this flick. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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