Sunday, October 15, 2017

Halloween Movie Binge: NEVER HIKE ALONE

Any Friday the 13th fans out there?

This isn't exactly the next installment in the series, but it's close--and it's about 50 minutes of awesome.

Never Hike Alone isn't a series sequel, reboot, reimagining, or even a recycled version of the "real thing" (whatever "the real thing" is anymore in this cash-grabby world of remakes). It's a quality fan film. It's gory and scary and full of Easter eggs. If for some reason you've never seen a film with Jason Vorhees in it, it's a great entry point, because it includes a quick recap of the "ghost story" that's always haunted Camp Crystal Lake.

In a bloody nutshell, we've got a hiker (who by the way could very well be the younger, nicer brother of Jax Teller, so enjoy!). Hiker vlogs about a trip he's taking into a "preserve" in the Catskills. Then--oh, crap--hiker stumbles over a certain wooden sign that every horror fan will be familiar with...

Never Hike Alone was released on YouTube on--what else?--Friday the 13th, so if you want to watch it, you can do it right here! (Just click on the screen and maximize to a full screen view.)

(Be prepared for some watching-through-your-fingers scenes. Or maybe I was doing that because I had all the lights off!)

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